How I got into photography (an interview with White Clover)

Almost two years ago, the good people at White Clover reached out to get a behind-the-scenes look at how I approach photography and Instagram. I had been at it for under a year at that time (I only started shooting in January 2015) but was just starting to gain some traction on Instagram. I've certainly grown a lot as a photographer since then, but a lot of the fundamentals I talked about in the interview still stand true today.

"You really need to be intentional about the work you're doing. If you're going to care about this craft, be passionate about it and chase it wholeheartedly. Take the time and pick the craft apart. Understand every nuance about it."

I thought it was worth it to re-share the video here on the blog for everyone to watch. I hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to White Clover for the interview!


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  • This is amazing and inspirational Verne. Definitely gets me excited to start my photography journey.


    Shyle Braithwaite

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