How to use mobile presets with Lightroom CC

I've previously covered how to get your custom presets from Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom Mobile, that required a clever workaround. Thankfully, with the new cloud-based version of Lightroom (Lightroom CC), your presets are automatically synced so there's no need for any hacks!

All you need to get started is Lightroom CC on your desktop, a Creative Cloud account, and some Lightroom presets that are perfect for mobile editing.

Step 1: Install your presets on Lightroom CC

I've previously written a tutorial on how to install your presets on Lightroom CC. Follow those quick steps and you're already most of the way to leveraging the power of your presets on your mobile phone! 

Step 2: Open Lightroom CC Mobile

Open Lightroom CC on your phone and select any photo. Scroll to the far right of the toolbar until you see the Presets tool.

Step 3: Manage your presets

Tap Presets and then the ... icon in the circle near the top right. In the menu that pops up, tap Manage Presets.

Step 4: Show your custom presets

On this screen, if you've installed your custom presets in Step 1 correctly, you should see your presets appear at the bottom of the list. Toggle the visibility of any preset collection to hide or show them in your Presets menu.

And just like that, your presets are ready to be applied to any of your mobile photos with a single tap!

If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to get in touch.

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