Introducing Free Photography Shortcuts for iOS

I’m excited to offer two new and free tools to help you edit photos on the go more efficiently. With the introduction of Shortcuts in iOS 12, iPhone users can now get more done with fewer taps. To capitalize on this, I’ve created custom iOS Shortcuts for Lightroom and Snapseed that help you start editing faster.

See the free collection of iOS Shortcuts now.

With these Shortcuts, you can:

  • Open any photo directly in Lightroom or Snapseed from the Photos app
  • Launch Lightroom or Snapseed from the Shortcuts widget and select a photo to be edited
  • Ask Siri to "Edit in Lightroom" or “Edit in Siri” to launch one of the apps and select a photo to be edited

I chose to create Shortcuts for these two apps because neither of them currently support opening photos directly from the Photos app. And if you’re like me, you’ll appreciate the ability to start editing from where you review all your photos (rather than switching to one of the apps and manually browsing for the photo).

If this sounds helpful to you, check out the new Edit in Lightroom iOS Shortcut and Edit in Snapseed iOS Shortcut now.

These Shortcuts requires:


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Why you again needa Shortcut to Toggle those apps (Lightroom & Snapseed).
    One can directly open the app by clicking on it…!!


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