Introducing Jetpack Hashtag Assistant for Instagram

Jetpack is the fastest way to manage and copy your hashtags for Instagram.

Today, in collaboration with my good friend Darrin Henein, I'm excited to announce the launch of Jetpack!

Download Jetpack on the App Store

Hashtagging is one of the most tedious but most impactful routines for active Instagrammers. It plays a significant role in content discovery, audience engagement, community contributions, and branded activities.

As Instagrammers ourselves, we grew tired of how slow and tedious it was to fiddle with iOS’ tap-hold-select-drag-copy gestures every time we needed to copy sets of hashtags from our Notes app. As it turns out, nearly every Instagrammer silently puts up with some version of this clumsy routine too.

We created Jetpack to be a stupidly simple app that prioritizes one thing: speed. Nobody wants to spend more time than they need to copying their hashtags. So we made it possible to do it with one tap.

Learn more at or download Jetpack directly on the App Store.

Copy a perfectly formatted set of hashtags with one tap

Tap and hold to select and copy multiple sets

Toggle specific hashtags before copying

Import your existing hashtags in a flash


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