Introducing VHP 02: new vibrant presets for Lightroom

I'm excited to announce the release of my second collection of presets: VHP 02.

This latest set represents my evolving aesthetic that's been shifting towards richer tones and crisper lines while maintaining the same moody vibes you've come to expect from VHP presets. I've been perfecting these presets since early this year and I'm now excited to finally share them with you.

VHP 02 includes two main presets:

  • VHP 02 Base: A versatile aesthetic suitable for street, landscapes, architecture, and even portraits. Let the natural colors and details of your surroundings shine with rich vibrance, structured clarity, and crisp shadows.
  • VHP 02 Soft: The same brilliance of Base, but with soft and silky shadows that give your photos a subtle faded finish.

Each preset also includes a darkened alternate for when you need those deepened shadows.

Additionally, VHP 02 comes with Reset, the popular utility preset from VHP 01 that resets the style of your photos without disrupting the composition adjustments so that you can quickly switch between different looks.

To celebrate its launch, I'm offering VHP 02 at 40% off to the first 40 people that checkout with the discount code LAUNCH40. That's only $7.20 for professional-grade presets that will give your photos the finishing touch they need.

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Happy editing!

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