Lightroom presets update: mobile ready and tweaked to perfection

Today I'm excited to release a series of great updates to my VHP Lightroom Presets! Thank you to everyone who has purchased the presets so far and has taken the time to offer feedback.

All existing customers will be receiving an email with a download link to the new updates.

Ready for mobile editing

My presets are now in the new file format (XMP) that the latest versions of Lightroom (including Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and Android) use. This means you can take the power of these presets on the road when you sync them through Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.

If you're currently using Lightroom Classic CC version 7.3 or older, you can choose to update to the latest version of Lightroom to use the updated presets, or simply keep using the existing version as-is.

Tweaked to perfection

I've also taken this opportunity to make some small but helpful tweaks to VHP 01 Adobe Lightroom Presets. Specifically:

  • Everyday and Clean Presets: Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks are now better optimized to work with any photo, no matter how you shot them. This means less manual adjustments after applying the preset!
  • Reset Utility Preset: Similar to the Reset in VHP 02, this preset no longer resets Exposure or White Balance and continues to leave Composition Adjustments untouched. This is a great tool to use if you're testing different presets on your photo and don't want to mix up the settings.

And of course, you'll also find new sample images for all the presets so you can get an even better idea of what you can create. Check them out now!

If you have any questions, I've added a new Ask Me Anything link in the navigation to help you get in touch with me.

Happy editing!

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